Located just outside the city limits of Bacolod City in the next town of Murcia, Negros Occidental, this eco-tourism hub has been sought after by foreign and local tourists and excursionists alike.
      It is a pristine environment where man and nature merge.  An ideal getaway spot for those weary of the hustle and bustle of the city.  Perfect as a place for R&R (Rest and Relaxation), the resort boasts of its waterfalls and hiking trails aside from the many amenities and features especially maintained to give the guests a wonderful time.
      Whether with kiths and kins alike, the Mambukal phenomenon is an invigorating opportunity for bonding and other social activity. Geared towards wellness, most activities in the resort are fun, and there’s just an endless list of things to do.
      One of the many attractions of the resort is the dipping pool. It’s a therapeutic bathing experience of a lifetime.  A dip takes your cares and worries away;  almost magical, as guests claim.  It is fenced off to limit distractions;  the natural steam refreshes the soul and cleans the mind and body.
      The butterfly farm, on the other hand is a stellar experience.  Butterflies are reputed to be angels’ feathers, and so it seems. To see such varied and colorful creatures is amazingly heart-warming. It’s almost like you’re in a fantasy world where everything good abounds.  Being among them brings serenity to the soul and enlightenment to the mind. Don’t miss these wondrous winged creatures in case you get to see Mambukal; they’re truly heaven-sent. After all, what would have the gods at Olympus fed on off if they weren’t responsible for the ambrosia?
      The Mambukal Mudpack Festival, held annually, is an exciting event to look forward to.  Various groups whose advocacy is towards ecological preservation and environmental awareness, get together for a pre-planned weekend fun highlighted by the drum-beating competition.
Mambukal Resort:  your home, your safe haven in the City of Smiles.


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