I saw her on teevee today.
I almost thought, “how cruel God must be”.
I almost cried; seeing her was just like your heart was crushed.
Such fragile ‘thing’… It must be very hard for her mum…

Kyla was auditioning for a teevee show.

The show is the local equivalent of America’s Got Talent television program. She was auditioning! Before her turn to show-off, nobody would ever believe she was there for the screening. SCREENING!

Did you say, screening? Screening as in like auditioning? As in: a trial performance to determine suitability for a contest? A try-out? An elimination exercise?

Yes. And for a prestigious national television show, at that.

Because Kyla looked like she’s just a baby, you can never tell otherwise. Her mother carries her around. She doesn’t have the capacity or functionality to walk. Her legs couldn’t support her. All her extremities seemed very fragile, although her hands looked ‘normal’. I couldn’t see her legs and feet, though. She was wearing stockings. But I could clearly discern her legs’ length and how useless they are.

Kyla is 11 years old.

When it was her turn to ‘try-out’, she was on a chair. A microphone was already set up for her. She sang a song that made her get in. She did it! She’s gonna be joining in the contest proper! Bravo! Kudos!

Whatever the turn-out of the contest proper doesn’t matter. For, at this stage, it cannot be determined yet. But one thing is clear: her strength of spirit is amazing. The mere fact that she went through the eye of the needle is an extremely awesome feat.

Good luck, Kyla!


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