As if motherhood is not bad enough. For someone with 4 boys. And unfortunately, one of them has a congenital physical deformity (clubfoot). And no one to rely on but herself. To help out with the bunch of them. AS IF(!) motherhood is not bad enough.

That must feel like the whole world, with its nearly seven billion human inhabitants-and their savvy gadgets, and other worldly possessions, not to mention the gazillion tons of waste they produce every single second-is upon her callous shoulders. What a pity for someone who’s always being there for her kids-never complaining, never grouchy, never blabber-mouthing.

Having to ‘UFC’ 4 boys every single day (for how long, only time can ‘tweet’), is, without doubt, a very strenuous task. It’s amazing how she refuses to take a single day off. For some peace, for some respite from the chaos, for some time for herself perhaps? Nada. That really bothers me!

Worse, she gets to be blamed as the catalyst for one of her kids’ misfortune. As if, again, she intended, meant, or desired in her heart for him to be borne that way. Whew! And worst of all, he tells it to her face. I guess that hurts the most. Where did she go wrong, she can only ask herself in utter helplessness.

For a 12-year old with a congenital physical condition, which happens to be the cause of all his misery, anxiety, insecurity, disenchantment and depression, it is but typical to blame someone- if not something- for his demise. The closest, most logical ‘culprit’ would be his mother, since child-bearing is supposed to be HER job.

For that kind of mentality to go on unchecked could be a disaster. I really think that something has to be done right away. For the child to foster that kind of attitude towards his mother is definitely unhealthy. Furthermore, professional help or a good mom-and-son talk ought to ensue. The son has to be made aware of the consequences of his behavior, and that it doesn’t resolve the problem but consequently aggravates it. After all, it’s something that can never be undone; there’s no point playing the blame game, to think it’s not actually his mom’s fault.

For parents of the handicapped, it is but crucial that emphasis be put on the careful assessment of the emotional health and over-all stability of the child. They are very sensitive. They tend to get hurt easily (which most often makes them aggressive and/or defensive). Much consideration should be taken as to the emotional re-enforcement special persons need. Extra care, love, understanding and attention are their life lines.

Because where we dwell is a cruel world, and since the physically defective is obviously no-match for the harsh, brutal reality called life, the only pedestal for the weak is strength of spirit. Hone and sharpen the heart and mind and the spirit gets strong. Strength of spirit is strength of mind and heart. Being armed with this weapon, the child has a chance to win.

Love is the key.



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