This is one of the reasons why my blog, Special Persons are People, Too! got conceived.

It’s not much really as I have failed to maintain it thinking it was a futile attempt at publicizing what my thoughts were regarding things, other special persons, and my pathetic quest to know more about my congenital defect. I did not have the absolute clarity as to the purpose of my putting up a blog. I felt it was useless; and my thoughts were: ‘Who am kidding? What in the world was I thinking putting up a blog nobody wants to read? To think I’m not an accomplished writer! Who cares about things like this?’

After several years of hiatus, I finally found better motivations not only to keep my blog afloat, but above all, to make something out of it as an instrument in service of humanity. On top of writing and sharing my thoughts and that of others’, I shall try to promote better understanding and awareness about us as God’s special creatures, to disseminate information as to the legitimacy and morality of our rlghts and privileges as also members of the society who ought not to be discriminated, oppressed, persecuted, looked down upon, bullied, and deprived of our basic needs having been borne to a society that should respect and celebrate those who are ‘slightly different’. It’s gonna be one tough journey; but we all have to start somewhere.

I pray for wisdom and resources for whatever purpose The Universe has drafted and designed for me.



I am but a dust now;  but in my minuscule

condition, here I am- glittery, shining, shimmering- in
splendor.  I have found my peace.  I have won in the
For life is like a stage play;  all key roles go
to those who meticulously and painstakingly prepare
to be the best.  To perform without second takes, and
to be there on time, ever ready for the scenes that
require focus and mastery, are what make life and
being alive- challenging and meaningful.
Life is indeed how we make it;  it is a
matter of choice how we live out our lives.  We make
our own destiny, we steer our own sails, and we reel in
our rods when the bait is fallen for.
However, the beginning and the end of life
are both a mystery and a gift.  In Job 1:21, “And he
said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and
naked shall I return; the LORD gave, and the LORD
has taketh away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”
the basic truth of how our existence starts and ends is
well-defined.  Therefore, what we do in between is up
to us.  But it is always best that our intentions and
motives are not just clear and for our personal glory;
for glory belongs to God.  Nevertheless, the more we
glorify God, we are glorified by him in return, making
our lives more profound.
As I live out another form of existence in a
different realm, on a different level, and as a different
me under the same superior being, I take pride in
looking back at the kind of life I chose to live.  I did
my best, I was happy, and I loved without limits.  I did
not die in vain.


(On the prompt, “What Percentage of Who You are is Genetics Versus Your Choices?”). I would rather prefer to think that I am more ‘me’ because I ‘chose’ to.

What and how I am now I should thank my genetics for. Err… Huh? Says who? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t owe anyone or anything in this matter, anything at all! So there’s no point for the thank-you; the extension of gratitude is of no consequence. And ‘genetics’ isn’t even a person, d’uh.

But, wait! How about in the biological sense? For sure I must have come from somewhere (or from something even!). Ahhh, yes. Although it is true that I owe my existence from genetics, I would rather prefer to think that the greatest part of me, about 95%, came to be because I consciously steered myself this way and that to be the ‘me’ now. Which means: genetics has little to do with my present existence; but a deliberate effort, however, has the most dominant catalytic force in myself.

But since the case requires for some quantification, I’ll say I am just five percent due to genetics; and I am 95% me otherwise is because of my choices. As much as possible, I prefer to think that my biological ancestry has nothing to do with me at present. So, 5% is the most I can genetically account myself with in terms of valuation.

Because that is how I choose it to be.

If, on the other hand, I ‘choose’ it to be the other way around, well, who the hell would dare stop me from twisting and turning my contentions anyway? Fact is, for as long as you can justify it, particularly if you can justify it ‘good’, you can get away with it. That’s making a choice; genetics has nothing to do with that.

And, whichever contention I may uphold and strongly assert with the best of my ability (so help me God?), it will ‘be’; because, again, I ‘selected’ it. My preference will be palpable; it will come out clear, objective. This will be evident on the conscious taking of a specific task or function. There is command, and the infallible orchestration of the will is apparent. This goes to show that in effect, genetics becomes dormant while choice predominates in people as they grow to be more and more aware that they have the power to do, and thus, be.

Furthermore, it’s like: in the beginning of life, or at conception period (or is it the embryonic stage already?) in the womb, Genetics starts to take the center stage. Fast and furious, bathing in fame and fortune, it plays a very big role in the drama of life that’s about to unfold.

There are stages in one lifetime; and when the age of maturity is reached-at 18 years old-a person’s growth spurts gradually cease playing the ukulele. Yep, people stop increasing in height around this age; the breasts are fully formed (what if women’s breasts don’t stop growing? hmmm… I just can’t imagine!); and it is said that the brain stops growing at this point. This is when adulthood is reached.

When people mature, or when they are adults already (is this when they get to be allowed to avail of things for adults only?), they develop the capacity to think better, like weighing the consequences of a future action or thinking for the best in everything they opt to do. In short, they generally make the most use of their faculties to think (and discern and decide and perceive…). From 18 years of age onwards, the trend never stops.

Eventually, Genetics lost his shine. Great opportunity for Will; he takes over. Gene (My nick name for Genetics, if I may?) got depressed and faded away, and ultimately died a fatal death. And that’s always the trouble with Gene-18 years tops, never further. Clearly a quitter; too bad.

From the age of maturity until around the end of a lifetime whenever it happens to be, Will gets to be captain, pilot, mother(or father?) majorette, mother (or father?) superior, pope, prime minister, president, king, you name it.

Will gets to be anything as long as he thinks it, decides he wants it, and boldly takes action for it. Seems like a good recipe for a meaningful life, don’t you think?

No wonder Will always gets what he wants and totally deserves it, too!