Tonight is our second night in this new rental house. As I unpacked and went through the motions of getting things in order, I couldn’t help but think of the novelties this last move will present. New house, new neighbors, new experiences.  Am just so glad to get away from the previous house for good.


     We’ve been in this neighborhood before ’cause we used to rent a house about two blocks away. In fact, we’ve been gone for eight months. We loved this area then, that’s why my husband deliberately searched for a house here. It’s cool and windy, nearer to my mom’s, and there’s a wet market nearby. What’s more, my only daughter Ashlei had a lot of friends here and she is very happy we get to live here again albeit temporarily. 


     We hated the last house we were in;  we couldn’t take the heat, there was almost no vegetation in the premise, and it flooded when it rained.  Ash was always bored there;  she had not a single friend and it was quite hard on her living there.


     I can’t really say how long we will be just another tenant here but for now, I am just so grateful for the change. Best of all, I love the vegetables that are up for grabs surrounding the house that I made a simple green, leafy veggies stew and ate my heart out thinking, ‘tastes like it’s gonna be a happy residency for us’, with a secret chuckle this morning.



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