The Kadayawan Festival in Davao City proved to be, once again, a very exciting event.  Cultural integration has been prevalent in Mindanao since time immemorial, and the various tribes’ cultural evolution into one unique set of people, the Davaoenos, have flourished very richly.  Cultural dance competitions highlighted the event as the city celebrated its 100th charter day.   Various programs and activities took place all over the city, beckoning thousands of tourists that enjoyed in the revelries.


     With the influx of visitors both foreign and domestic, it was but inevitable that hotels were fully booked even a month in advance.  My husband and I, however, have booked a room for us two months ahead, at Apo View Hotel. Located right at the heart of the city, the hotel is actually the very first in the city since the Pamintuan family built it in the 60’s.  More than half a decade later, it still stands strong, that it has become a landmark of the city in its own right.


     The city offered so much fun but the hospitality and great accommodations extended to us by the staff of the hotel and its owner himself, Mr. Mike Pamintuan proved to be very heart-warming.  We felt like celebrities, what with all the attention and the service de luxe by the crew and the royal treatment by the owner himself.

     The limousine that fetched us at the airport was quite a big surprise for us new arrivals.  We didn’t expect to be fetched as it was stipulated in the travel itinerary: our mode of transport from the airport to the hotel and within the city for the festivities was to be our problem.  We even argued with the driver when we saw our names on the cardboard at the exit terminal of the airport.  We gave in when the driver showed us the hotel memo, proving it was really us that the luxury car was fetching.


     It was about lunch time when we got to the hotel.  Our protestations fell on deaf ears when we refused to eat at the hotel, thinking that a single meal at the hotel was way beyond our budget.  It was ‘compliments’ from Mr. Pamintuan, the concierge explained.  It was only then that we calmed down and obeyed the valets. We were ushered in to the dining saloon for the lunch buffet.  The meal was excellent we felt like we were in cloud nine for having had the chance to partake of such special delights.




  1. Its very infOrmative. Id been a guest Of the hOtel, its in the heart f the city & sO accessible. The fOod, beverages, the music, the cOzy rOOm, the classy atmOsphere, I really like the accOmmodatiOn Of the hOtel, plus the friendly & prOfessiOnal staff..The pool as well..Thank yOu Mr Pamintuan fOr making Our stay cOmfOrtable & affOrdable..really fabulOus..


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